Our Mission

The Customer Experience

We believe that providing a great product and a great customer experience is all that is needed for a great business. To that end, we strive to provide the most comfortable living experience with all the amenities customers desire, and we strive for the best customer support. By continually working to provide a product that people truly want, we do not need to resort to gimmicks, heavy-handed sales, false advertisement, or any other tactics that are unfair to our customers.

Our Environmental Mission

We believe that smart, successful business models are the best way to help preserve our environment. We are strongly focused on our environmental impact, and will continue to improve the sustainability of our buildings even beyond today’s best standards with continual R&D to make that happen. While it is good for everyone to do their part to try and help the environment, the goal of ZEAL is to take that extra work out of individual hands, and have a much greater effect on a large scale.

Individuals can cut their electric usage by 10-50% by diligently managing everything they use, or they can put extra money down for solar panels, better insulation, windows, or other sustainability features. But that extra work or cost usually means most individuals do not even hit those goals. We have made the choice to switch to 100% renewable energy virtually effortless, with no more cost, and no extra work required. All you have to do is move in.

We will continue to work until all of our buildings are LEED-Platinum certified, carbon neutral, and fully sustainable, while requiring others to follow our lead to remain competitive.