How It Works

With ZEAL Apartments, it’s all about the design. We make more happen by using the same amount of materials, keeping the cost down for you. We use all the best technological advances to help protect the environment, while still giving you all the comforts you are used to. How do we accomplish that? Here’s a quick overview.

Passive Solar

You can do simple things to take advantage of the sun no matter what environment you are in. If you’re on the beach, you might use an umbrella to keep you cooler. In a colder climate, you might build a greenhouse to keep it warmer inside. ZEAL Apartments use various passive solar designs to bring our passive HERS Rating to about 60.

More about passive solar here

In short, with a clever design, we can give you all the comforts you’re used to with a lot less electricity.

Solar PV

Each building will house about 80kW of solar-PV panels, which is plenty to provide all the modern conveniences we are used to. A ZEAL Apartment complex will provide 1-2 Megawatts of solar power, equivalent to a small power plant.

More about Solar PV here

Renewable Energy

ZEAL Apartments use on-site, renewable power sources. The most common will be Solar-PV and Geothermal, which are both efficient and silent, making for a very comfortable living environment. At ZEAL Apartments, we don’t believe you should have to skimp on comforts, so we provide plenty of power for a small fraction of the carbon footprint of normal buildings.


Some ZEAL communities will also incorporate geothermal power. Geothermal heating and cooling is a wonderfully efficient source, but is not always available to be built in as many areas as Solar-PV.

More about Geothermal here

Sustainable vs. Standard

Wait, don’t things that help the environment or our health usually cost more?

Times are changing. With the right design, we can not only keep costs similar to normal apartments, but we can out-compete them. Electricity will be included in all of our apartments. In order for standard apartments to provide the same benefit to you, they will have to pay anywhere from 66% to 300% more for their electricity! Or they can just continue not to provide free electricity while we do. We are also committed to improving our offerings for you in the future to remain the best choice. Let’s just say, we wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now.