Apartment Living

Ruby (Standard)

Price - $$

Spacious, with modern amenities and a sleek style, all fully covered by renewable energy! The standard ZEAL Apartment does this all at a comparable, if not lower, cost than a normal apartment.

  • Built to impress the cost-conscious consumer with great value for their money
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • As always, Net-Zero and Electric Included

Emerald (Green)

Price - $$$

The ultimate in eco-living. Emerald communities will be built with a strong focus on preserving the local ecosystem, blending in with their environment. They will be built to the highest LEED specifications, and using the best sustainable practices, while still providing all modern amenities.

  • Eco-conscious communities
  • Built to blend in with the local environment
  • Highest LEED specifications
  • Utilize the best R&D for sustainable housing
  • As always, Net-Zero and Electric Included

Diamond (Luxury)

Price - $$$$

Luxurious living with a high-tech and sustainable focus. Easy to use, integrated controls for the apartment at your fingertips (or your voice). Integrated garage with enough renewable power for an electric car.

  • The ultimate in high-tech and sustainable luxury
  • Integrated, customizable apartment control system
  • Integrated garage with power included for electric car
  • As always, Net-Zero and Electric Included

*All examples are for a general overview. Changes may apply.